Handbag Care

Many factors can influence the wear and tear of your handbag. You should take are of your handbag as you would your favorite piece of jewelry. Please see our important tips that can help your handbag look it's best for many years to come. 


How should I clean my handbag? 

Gently rub with a clean cloth to keep the outside looking with that newly bought shine. Avoid items such as cosmetics from rolling around in your handbag and stain the material by using a cosmetic pouch to store your products. 

How should I store by handbag? 

We recommend to store bags upright in a dust bag or in a cotton pillowcase. Keep handbag in a dry place to avoid moisture build up. Always make sure it is being kept out of direct sunlight. You can also stuff them inside with tissue paper or fabric to maintain their shape. If the bag has a long strap store it inside the bag. Another good idea is to hang the bag handle over a hook in your closet.

These helpful tips will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your bag for time and time again.