About Me

Hi !! Celeste here welcoming you to my blog which highlights my street style, love for fashion and things.

Born and raised in NYC, wife and fur mama to a beautiful shiba Inu named Mika. Raised by Hispanic parents from Cuba and Puerto Rico which I only mention because it had such an impact on the person I am today. My mom is the photographer behind the lens of every single picture and she does it from the seat of her wheelchair. She is my source of inspiration.

This blog was created as our creative outlet for my mom and I to share the things we love most, fashion and photography.

The fashion industry has been my jungle for over 10 years in design, manufacturing & sourcing.
Apart from my passion for fashion I am passionate about my faith and have the privilege to be the founder of a Christian faith based clothing brand called Dose of faith.  My faith in God has never failed me and has brought me to where I am today.

I can’t live without a good cup of coffee every morning & I’m obsessed with anything denim. My style is definitely casual and comfortable.

I have an addiction to Chinese food and love savory versus sweet treats!

Come share our journey as we snap away!

Please feel free to email me anytime at celestenicole.knight@gmail.com

or you can find me on Instagram

xo Celeste