The season of sweaters has arrived! It has been getting colder in NYC even though we’ve had some sporadic warmer days. I’ve been pulling out all my sweaters and making sure they are ready for the winter ahead and have my back to keep me warm.  I have 5 tips that I use to keep my sweaters in good shape so they last me all winter long.

  1.  D-fuzz- If you don’t have a D-fuzzing comb you need to go get one right now (lol)!! It’s the best little tool and only cost a couple of dollars. So sorry to break it to you but no matter the quality of your sweater they will pill. And no one likes a pilly looking sweater. But you can help it from pilling with a d-fuzzing comb or an electric fabric shaver. I have both but prefer the comb. Lightly use the comb or the shaver to go over the areas that have pills.
  2.  Keep clean- I like to always wear a light t-shirt under my sweaters to create a barrier from my skin. This helps keep any type of body oils from absorbing onto the sweater. It’s definitely easier to just toss a tee in the wash. It also helps from those itchy sweaters.
  3.  Steamer – Steaming should always be your go to with sweaters. Never iron or you will burn the hairs if it’s cashmere or wool. Its also works as a sanitizer as steaming kills any bacteria absorbed.
  4. Hand wash- Most sweaters are dry clean only but you can hand wash them with delicate soaps such as Laundress. They have a great collection of gentle detergents dedicated to knits.sweater-stacked5. Store don’t hang- I keep my sweaters folded in a  storage bin, since hanging them causes them to loose there shape and stretches the knit.

Hope these tips help you keep your knit, knits in good shape all winter long!

Get your knit, knit tools: D-fuzzing comb/ Steamer/ Knit detergent/ Storage bin


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      January 11, 2017 / 9:16 PM

      Thank you Tania!!xx

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