About Me

Hi and welcome to my journey! Here you’ll find doses of details from my personal style to my love for fabric and fashion.

I was born and raised in NYC (the Bronx to be exact) were I live with my husband and our dog Chloe. I was raised by Hispanic parents from Cuba and Puerto Rico which I only mention because it had such an impact on the person I am today. I speak Spanish fluently and enjoy having convos with my mom in Spanglish. Aside from being really passionate about fashion I have a strong belief in my faith. It has never failed me and I has brought me to where I am today.

I can’t live without a good cup of coffee every morning & I’m obsessed with anything denim. My style is fun, laid back and easy. ย I have an addiction to Chinese food and love salty versus sweet treats!

After attending FIT and then graduating from LIM College I immediately began working in the fashion industry, where I learned so much both from a design and business perspective. Currently I work in fabric design & development for a major fashion apparel brand.


Please feel free to email me anytime atย celeste@doseofdetails.com

or you can find me onย Instagram

xo Celeste